Java SuperCollider for Eclipse

Version 0.1.2 (alpha)

Compiled against SC SVN revision 8226

Fixed Bugs

  • Class names with digits in it get coloured correctly now.
  • opening external html/rtf files in the editor should work now
  • opening method definitions in external SuperCollider files should now select the method correctly

Added Features

  • Added an "Open Source" button to the JSC help hover that opens the source of the current class in the JSC editor. (only works when the library is compiled)
  • code completion does now show the source code of the method you have selected
  • code completion does now show the complete method signature when enabling all SC methods in the preferences.
  • Added icons to the Help View buttons
  • It is now possible to zoom in and out in the Help View
  • added key bindings for the following Help View commands:
    • back (default: Strg + arrow left)
    • forward (default: Strg + arrow right)
    • zoom in (default: Strg + arrow up)
    • zoom out (default: Strg + arrow down)
  • Moved a lot of code from jsc.ui to jsclang and jsc.jsclang. This makes jsclang more useful and allows other Eclipse plugins to use SuperCollider without the need of jsc.ui. It also allows more than one Eclipse plugins to use SuperCollider at the same time.
  • When interpreting a line of code the cursor now automatically jumps into the next line
  • Updated to libsndfile 1.0.20

Version 0.1.1 (alpha)

Compiled against SC SVN revision 7772

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug with that seems to be caused by an incompatibility between libsndfile and MS Visual Studio. This also fixes the bug request 2073558 (Eclipse crashes with plot).
  • Fixed the code completion so template proposals indent correctly now Fixed a bug where the JVM crashes when Eclipse gets shut down.
  • Fixed a bug where the JVM crashes when Eclipse gets shut down.
  • Added the file JscdocHoverStyleSheet.css to the release so now the help hovers will look correctly.
  • Some minor bug fixes related to null pointers
  • Some minor bug fixes related to Linux

Added Features

  • added the SC plugin MouseUGens.scx so now the SC classes "MouseButton" and "MouseX" can be used under Windows.
  • a ToggleComment action for the SC editor
  • key bindings for the editor actions
  • code completion for method names and preference settings to activate it.

Version 0.1.0 (alpha)

  • SuperCollider Editor
    • syntax highlighting - class names are automatically updated; colours can be customized
    • code completion
      • class names and keyword code completion
      • class methods code completion
      • instance methods code completion for global variables
      • instance methods code completion after defining the return values of methods
      • code completion for pre defined code templates
    • JDT style help hovers over class names
    • dump hover over global variables
    • instances/references hover over methods
    • hyperlinking support for opening class implementations
    • hyperlinking support for searching method implementations 
    • indents after opening a bracket or after closing a bracket
    • matching brackets highlighted
    • double clicking brackets selects the text within two brackets
    • comment/uncomment single and multiline code
    • context menu search for selected text
    • opening RTF and HTML files
  • Project management
    • source folders (or jar/zip files) added to the project settings will automatically get compiled
    • interpreter files added to the project settings will automatically get interpreted
    • it is possible to define global source folders (or jar/zip files) and interpreter files.
  • SuperCollider perspective
  • preferences pages for customizing JSC
  • JSC help view
    • integration of SC help in the Eclipse help
    • interpreting code from within the help view
    • can be used as a web browser
    • opening the help file in the Editor
  • console
    • link detection and error colouring
    • interpreting code from within the console
  • SwingOSC integration in Eclipse. SwingOSC gets started in the same VM as Eclipse and windows can be opened inside Eclipse.
  • search results from method implementations or references will be shown in the Eclipse search view