Java SuperCollider for Eclipse

Known Problems with JSC

  • For some reason Eclipse sets the JSC Editor as the default for opening htm/html files. I still have to look into this. Meanwhile you must change the default back to the Web Browser manually in the preferences. - preferences/General/Editors/File Associations

  • The JVM may still crash on some occasions. Save your work often and make backups!

  • The global source folders will not get automatically updated. The only workaround is to remove the folders from the preferences and to add them again. The same is true for external project folders.

  • Classes with numbers in the name are not yet coloured by the syntax highlighting.

  • MidiOut is not working because portmidi is not yet fully implemented for SC. In future releases I plan to include a Java midi for SC implementation.

  • A lot of primitives are not yet implemented for Windows and might even cause SC and Eclipse to crash.

  • some functionality like code completion is only available after compiling SC.

  • sometimes SwingOSC will report an error that it cannot connect to the server. It seems that everything is still working even after this error is shown.

  • You will possibly get lots of error messages in the Eclipse error log. If you think these messages are caused by a serious bug please report the bug. Otherwise simply ignore/delete them.

  • You can open RTF and HTML files with the editor but they will get converted to plain text and because of that you will not be allowed to save the files. You can still change these files but do not forget to save them under a new name if you want to keep your changes.
  • The UGen 'KeyState' is not yet working on Windows.